Welcome to the Mornington Toy and Games Library.

We are centrally located in Mornington, Dunedin and offer a wide variety of toys.

The Mornington Toy and Games Library is a community service, which aims to provide good quality, educational toys and games to children of primary school age and under. New toys are purchased regularly and older toys are sold off at occasional sales.

The library is a not-for-profit organisation, run by its members and a committee of volunteers. In order to provide a consistently high level of service we employ a paid librarian for ten hours per week. Our activities are funded by an annual membership fee, a rental charge on each toy, and an annual fundraising event.

Mornington Toy and Games Library


Borrowing toys

Toys are borrowed for a two-week period. The rental charge is based on the value and age of the toy and ranges from 50c to $3 per fortnight.  Concession cards are available.


Renewing toys

Toys can be consecutively renewed a maximum of two times. This applies to all membership levels, though there is no renewal charge for premium members.


Overdue toys

Toys not returned on time will be charged an additional two week payment which will be applied to your membership card. Toy renewal payment can then be made on your next visit to the library. 

Overdue fees will not apply to premium members as their toy hire for the year has already been paid in full.

We understand that sickness is a common occurrence in families with children. If you are unable to return your toys on time due to illness or for some other reason, we request that you email the library and let us know when you will be able to return the toys or if you simply wish to renew your toy hire for another two weeks.