Membership Info

New members are always welcome.  Come and see our Librarian at the library during one of our sessions or call to discuss further. Click the links below to download our membership flyer or application:


Membership Fees

Membership costs $40 per family for a year (reduced to $30 with sighted Student ID or Community Services card).

Premium membership

Premium membership includes membership for the toy library plus FREE toy hire for the year (1 April to 31st March) and costs $105 (reduced to $95 with sighted Student ID or Community Services card).  This saves the hassle of bringing loose change to the library or organising a Concession Card.  The same rules apply as for regular membership:

  • Fortnightly hire limit of 3 toys plus 1 DVD and 1 costume
  • Maximum of two consecutive renewals
  • Late fines still apply
  • You are still required to do Duty as needed throughout the year (see next option below)
  • You are still required to help for 2 hours at the annual Truffle Fundraiser each November.

Pro-rated membership fees

Both standard and premium memberships are calculated on a pro-rata basis throughout the year depending on when you join.  A full table is below:

Joining Period Standard Standard w/CSC Premium

Premium W/CSC

April, May $40 $30 $105 $95
June, July $35 $25 $90 $80
August, September $30 $20 $80 $70
October, November $25 $15 $70 $60

Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar

$20 $10 $55



No-Duty option

For a one-off payment of $60 for the year (April to March) you will not be required to do Duty for that whole year.  This is a perfect solution for busy families and those who find their Thursday and Saturday mornings fill up too quickly.

Temporary Membership

Temporary memberships are suitable for grandparents, visitors etc and can be arranged with the Librarian. The cost of a temporary membership is $10 for four weeks. Toy hire charges are not included with this membership option.


Membership fees can be paid in cash at the library or via internet banking to the following account: 38-9011-0374199-00. Please include your surname, the word 'membership', and member number (where possible) in the transfer details.